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The Art et the child

An artistic programme

for the crèche Champs d'Etoile / Crèches de France


Season 2016/2017




Crèches de France group decided to invite art at the crèche Champs d’Étoile (Paris) to enable young children to experience it on a daily basis. As a powerful catalyst for emotions and interactions, the art naturally enters into the educational programme.

The artistic programme is conceived by curator Amélie Couillaud ; this first season gives prominence to photography, music and dance, all artistic expressions chosen for their high interactivity potential with very young children.


Photographer Stéphane Perche conceives a series of three photographs printed in very big format and successively exposed in the motricity space. As the seasons go, each new picture transforms the space and suggests a new point of view. The three photos have one common feature: an enflatable character named Bulle, both contemplative and mischievous.



Composer and sound designer Pierre Aviat composes Doiiing, an original sound piece in two parts, succession of known or unknown sounds to listen, feel and express.



Three times in the year, two contemporary dancers come and live with the children for one and a half hour. They warm-up, stretch, dance, alone or in duet, enabling the children to observe but also, if they wish, to go with, mime, improvise. Not a workshop nor a demonstration, Roulé Boulé ! is the occasion to put together two daily and sometimes very close body languages: the one of the children at the crèche, and the one of dancers at work.

Dancers session 1 (December 2016) : Ariane Guitton and Dimitri Chamblas

Dancers session 2 (February 2017) : Olga Dukhovnaya and Kerem Gelebek

Dancers session 3 (June 2017) : Julie Guibert and Sylvain Prunenec

Artists biographies and pictures on the website of the crèche Champ d'etoile.

Vidéo extracts from the first dancers session here.

TV report La Maison des Maternelles / France 5, broadcasted on 27 February 2017 here

Article in MILK magazine




Conception Amélie Couillaud

Crèches de France Marie-Hélène Duroux Klein (directrice marketing), Mélanie Flacher (responsable marketing), Marie Mendez (responsable national petite enfance), Niora Moreira (director crèche Champs d'Etoile), Lucile Compère (responsable de secteur)

Graphic design Hartland Villa

Artists Stéphane Perche (photographer), Pierre Aviat (composer and sound designer), and the  dancers Dimitri Chamblas, Ariane Guitton, Olga Dukhovnaya, Kerem Gelebek, Julie Guibert and Sylvain Prunenec.

Photo : Stéphane Perche

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