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étoiles, I see you

by Wendy Morgan

Opéra national de Paris / 3ème scène


Film in post-production

Digital HD – N&B – Sound

A short movie directed by Wendy Morgan with American dancer Lil Buck,

at Opéra national de Paris.

Film commissioned by Opéra national de Paris / 3ème scène.


To see the film on 3e scène, click here.





A film by Wendy Morgan

With Lil Buck

Produced by Amélie Couillaud

Director of photography Sylvestre Dedise

Assisted by Vincent Flornoy

Additional still pictures Merlin Pardo

Sound recording Silvino Guarda Becerra

Gaffer: Kevin Ramalho

Unit: Solen Wanono, Etienne Grandon


Post-production Firm

Editor Camille Guyot

Colour grading Nicolas Gautier



Acknowledgements to all the collaborators from the Opéra national de Paris, who made this film possible, and to Beall production.


© Opéra national de Paris / eXorde (collection Casoar)


Photos © Stéphane Perche

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