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Mutant Stage, épisode 2

by Elene Usdin



Digital HD - Colour - Sound





Director Elene Usdin

With Jung Ae Kim

Producers Amélie Couillaud & Dimitri Chamblas

Director of photography Alexandre d’Audiffret,

assisted by Maëlle Lavillaureix

Music Joseph Siran

Make-up Sophie Castellan

Unit Nassim Gouaini

Post-production Firm / Manuel Béard

Editing Nathalie Masson-Cartier

Colour grading Nicolas Gautier


Fondation Galeries Lafayette wishes to thank OMA, Data, Citynove, Aretlia

Acknowledgements to Falabracks


Released in February 2015, in partnership with Artsy


Photos © Stéphane Perche

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