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Mutant Stage, episode 9

A film by Lukas Dhont

Choreography and dance Jan Martens


Launched on 4 July 2017


Digital - Color - Sound




“This movie stems from the impression we had during our first site visit in February 2017: the building was incomplete, rugged, brutal, but also seductive and gasping, with a repetitive architecture. By extrapolation, these first associations gave birth to our desire to work on rhythm, and to include live and percussive music in the film. We collaborated in a very impulsive and organic manner; improvisation became our modus operandi. The film is the result of this physical and dynamic interaction between a construction site, a dancer, a drummer and a camera.”
Lukas Dhont and Jan Martens


Directed by Lukas Dhont

Choreography and dance Jan Martens

Drums NAH

Curated by Dimitri Chamblas et Amélie Couillaud

Produced by Amélie Couillaud

Image Alexandre Jamin

First camera assistant Vincent Flornoy

Second camera assistant Fabien Domingues

Gaffer Victor Abadia

Electrician Guillian Verstiggel

Sound recording Silvino Guarda Becerra

Unit Jean-Baptiste Muffat

Production manager Sandra Orain

Set photographer Stéphane Perche

Sound design Pierre Aviat

Post-production Firm Studio / Manuel Béard, Julie Perrono

Editing Edouard Mailaender
Color grading Nicolas Gautier

Sound mixing Studio 64

Acknowledgements Klaartje Oerlemans / GRIP, Kinou, Matthieu Plessis, Vantage, Panalux, Loca Images, Easy Backline, Full Motion

© eXorde (collection Casoar) / Lafayette Anticipations - Fondation d'entreprise Galeries Lafayette

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