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Mutant Stage, episode 8

A film by Xavier Veilhan


Launched on March 23, 2017


Digital - B&W - Sound




Between the outstretched arms of a basket crane, Marie-Agnès Gillot and Dimitri Chamblas dance gently in front of Xavier Veilhan's low-tech camera.

The eighth episode of the Mutant Stage series sets free from the initial choreography through a low definition image and crystal-clear music by Jonathan Fitoussi.


“This project began with a meeting, a choreography staged and performed by Marie-Agnès

and Dimitri in my studio less than a year ago. For the first time I worked from an existing piece, a situation that I had not completely created myself. So I had to integrate a form of lyricism and sensuality, which are quite far from my usual tone. The quality of the image and the music differs from the live version by Bertrand Bonnello and echoes the distance

between my vision as a director and a film in which the movements do not belong to me.” Xavier Veilhan



Directed by Xavier Veilhan

With and from a performance by  Marie-Agnès Gillot and Dimitri Chamblas

Curated by Dimitri Chamblas and Amélie Couillaud

Produced by Amélie Couillaud

Music Silences by Jonathan Fitoussi

Artistic collaborator Roman Hatala

Image Roman Hatala, Nicolas Thiery, Georges Kerouedan

Unit Jean-Baptiste Muffat

Editing & Post-production Cadmos

Atelier Xavier Veilhan Stéphane Croughs, Violeta Kreimer, Guillaume Rambouillet,

Alice Rocher, Léa Wanono

Set photographer Stéphane Perche

Lafayette Anticipations wishes to thank OMA, Data, Citynove, Aretlia


© Veilhan / ADAGP Paris 2017

© eXorde (collection Casoar) / Lafayette Anticipations - Fondation d'entreprise Galeries Lafayette

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